Friday, May 21, 2010

You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)

I have a headache and felt a little dizzy is day 2 without Caffiene, which is not an accomplishment yet, but it is the start of one. :) The light-headedness is more from me trying not to eat many calories, but I definitely dipped way too low so I had to skip my workout for fear of passing out. Not healthy...what was I thinking...I need to lower it by cutting out the crap. I did have a great meal yesterday (chicken breast w/seasonings, no butter or oil and a salad and fruit) but not nearly enough of it. Okay, lesson learned.

In other news...Mrs. Coordinator picks up contracts today!! :) The IPs had to sign the revised contract too, so hopefully that's not too big of an inconvenience, but at least we're all happy with the wording now, right? Surely everything will be in place so I can keep my appt. on don't want to do any testing, appts., etc. without a signed contract in place or you could get stuck with the bills if the other party changes their minds. I don't foresee any snags.

We have a wedding reception to go to this weekend. I was hoping I'd fit into my dress that I wore on this cruise a few years back but it's still just a little too snug. I need to remind myself that I'm only 2 mths post-partum & post surgery so it's going to take time. I met with the trainer for the first of the 4 sessions that A got me. We spent a lot of time talking about what should go into my daily diet and how to get the max out of my cardio sessions. Good stuff.

So, for now, there's not much to report regarding the surrogacy. I'm guessing that once we get contracts signed, we will start communicating more with the IPs? I'm at least hoping that's the case. I'd really like to get to know them more and for them to get to know my family. I think you can still be close without getting matching BFFs necklaces so I'm not looking for a new best friend; but this process is intimate. They will know everything about me. I will be carrying part of them and helping them grow the life they created. This won't be my child, but it will be my pregnancy and I want to be able to share everything about it with them. I think this is one of the most important parts of the surrogacy, for me: establishing the relationship.


Heather said...

The way this is going you are going to have your contracts signed before me! *Sheesh*

... but I have all my testing done. When are you thinking your transfer will be?

TXSurromom said...

LOL, well maybe you should become a nag too! hahahahaha

Our transfer won't be until August. I'm planning my 10 yr reunion for a class of 800+ and between that and having a newborn, well, it's not as "lax" as I want to be when we transfer! :) Things will be calmer after the reunion and when I become a pro at 3 kiddos instead of 2! :)

Mama K said...

hey! what's your email? i want to ask you something about the houston fertility clinic.

Juli said...

I'm glad you're not looking for a new best friend. :)

Aubrey Middleton said...

Thanks for posting on my blog! I am excited to follow along since we'll be transferring around the same time! I hear you on the caffiene, I'm trying to cut down, too, and I'm a major coffee junkie, I think this will be the hardest part of this process.

TXSurromom said...

Mama K-it's I don't know much about them yet though. :)

Juli-of course not!!

Aubrey-it'll be nice to go through the same things together! :)