Tuesday, July 26, 2011

6 months!

Happy 6 mths to E&J! Your little girl is just 3 months away! :)

In just a few months, we'll be meeting baby L. I had a pregnancy dream last night that I had her and E&J never showed up. I was waiting for them and I finally asked Al, my husband, if he had called them and he said, "Oh, whoops! I forgot!" It was a pregnancy nightmare!!! :) Thankfully, that's not how the real delivery will go! In fact, DH won't even be there. My dear friend, Amy, has offered to take me to the hospital so my family can stay on their routine with school, daycare and work. She lives a few blocks over and our girls go to the same school so we'll be all set with bags packed that last month. E&J are about 3.5 hrs away from where I'll be delivering and I'm about an hour away. By the time I get a room and get all checked in and hooked up, they'll likely be driving up to the hospital and listening to elevator music! I can see E taking the stairs though...running through the hospital saying, "My baby's coming!!!!!!!" :) She is so very excited and it's cute to see her looking at baby clothes and gear.

In other "Surrogacy" news...two funny things have happened to me lately. While walking up to Cherry Berry, a local DIY yogurt place, I overhead a conversation about surrogacy that went something like this:

Boy: So, you're going to have twins?
Girl: Well yeah, probably. I mean, with surrogacy, you put like four up there to help the odds and stuff so I'll probably get pregnant with twins or something.

(Insert giant eye roll here) If it hadn't been 9:30PM after a long movie with my daughter and had my child not run off to talk to a friend of hers, I might've stopped to educate a bit. Hopefully, this girl is just in the beginning stages of researching surrogacy and hasn't actually talked to a clinic or RE yet. Otherwise, she would know that is NOT how you do it in surrogacy. Or not how you should, at least.

The second experience I had was at Freebirds in Pearland last night. (Best burrito place, ever. Don't come at me with your Chipotle love because I'm not feeling it) My burrito makers are talking about someone who was going to be doing surrogacy and I had some minutes to spend this time so I said, "It's so funny that you're talking about it surrogacy because I'm a surrogate." One burrito making guy came around the counter and rubbed my belly. It's a good thing that strangers rubbing my belly doesn't bother me but it took me by surprise! He then asked, "How much are they paying you?" which is the question I always get in some form or another. The other girl said, "I hear you can make a lot of money doing that." I spent a little time answering their questions and they both wished me well with my baby-baking. The guy even wanted to know when I was due and asked if it was a girl or boy. :) It's interesting that surrogacy is getting more popular. I wish it was more accurate and positive buzz being spread, but I realized that I have the power to do that.

I've had at least a dozen people tell me, "Oh, I have a friend that's doing that" in the last 6 months and it's almost odd how commonplace it seems! Here I thought that people would be surprised to hear what I was doing, although I do get a lot of, "I've never met one of you!" comments from strangers. I think people don't always know what to say and that's okay. I'm giving them a glimpse into my world and what it's like and I'm happy to answer questions. It's part of being a surrogate.

Until next time, I'll leave you with our latest belly shot. :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Just Another Day in Paradise

Hey y'all! I haven't blogged in a while and some of you were even sweet enough to notice!! A couple of you even emailed me which was really nice and made my day. Thank you! :)

So, we are now 23 weeks and 3 days! Can you believe this all started with two little embryos?? E&J are so excited and are preparing for their baby girl's arrival. (E, my IM, is busy buying things for her and J is busy thinking about being outnumbered by the ladies!)

I was lucky enough to spend a day with E&J and their family a couple of weeks ago. It was a whirlwind trip as I also had a baby shower and a surrogate dinner to attend (Tnot as formal as it sounds. There aren't any awards or speeches given out, just a bunch of ladies that are either about to be pregnant, are in the midst of a journey or have completed one having dinner and comparing stories. It's always a lunch or dinner because most of us are hungry!)

I dropped some friends off at the airport in Houston for a Vegas bachelorette party for my friend, Haley. I told them to drink one for me and then headed to Austin to my IPs' place for a visit. My IM met me with a huge hug and it was so good to see her. I've only seen her twice since transfer and it had been too long! She was so sweet to stock the house with pickles and snickerdoodles (two of my cravings) and made sure I had lots of fluffly pillows. I felt very spoiled. This trip was kid and husband free and though I missed them, it was nice to slow down and just be able to hang out with my IPs. Despite the hot, hot Texas weather, we ventured out for lunch, manicures and pedicures. This was definitely a treat and I went back to their house for a nap after meeting IF's little sister and her boys. She was a sweetheart and I can see why she and my IM are so close. Her youngest is my boy's age and they share a mutual love of video games so I had a nice visit with him Friday night.

Dinner was served (so yummy!!) after the guests arrived and we sat around visiting. IF's mother, 2 of his sisters and his childhood nanny were all in attendance and it was a great group. Everyone was incredibly nice to me, which was so great b/c I was sweating bullets wondering if they'd like me. Was I smart, funny, pretty, witty, tall, talkative, , and kind enough to carry their precious family member? I so wanted them to like me and instantly felt better once dinner started and it felt like I was amongst friends.

The next morning, the three of us had breakfast and then did a little shopping (Father's Day was the next day so I had some last-minute purchases to make) and then I had to say good-bye and headed out to the baby shower for my friend and his wife. This was followed by an amazing dinner with some great ladies and a drive home to my husband and kids who were glad to have me back. :) The house was in pretty good condition too and only one very minor injury! Great job, Dad!

We are so thankful to have things going so smoothly. I still feel great and besides being a little tired, I have no complaints. (Hey, I don't have to suck in anymore and everyone thinks my belly's cute now!)

I should mention that I am thankful for wonderful IPs. They have been so good to me and for every question and concern about the baby, there's been the same for me and I can't tell you how that makes me feel. I know this journey's intent was to bring a baby into the world for them, but I've watched too many surrogates being treated like a box that the IP's new toy came in. We go into surrogacy with no guarantees and we try not to put too many expectations on the relationship afterwards as no one can predict exactly how they will feel. The concern that my IPs have shown for my family and me shows what wonderful people they are and further confirms what great parents they would be. Every surrogate should be so lucky.

Four more months and they will have their baby L in their arms and I cannnot explain what that day will mean to me. I pick out presents for my husband and children and almost squeal as they open them wondering if they'll like what I've picked out. I plan for months in advance for birthday and Christmas presents because I take such joy in giving something and seeing someone's expression. This will truly be the epitome of giving a gift and the look on their faces will be such a joy to see. Hearing my IM talk about her baby girl with a look of love and wonder on her face after waiting years for her makes me want to push fast forward on the clock! Alas, these last few months are critical so we will fill that time with talking, dreaming and of course, shopping!

One of the most recent purchases my IM made was Belly Buds! I really want the baby to know her mom and dad's voices so they're busy making recordings of books so that I can play them to her. Check them out!

I'll leave you with our latest belly picture. I really need a haircut and some makeup but here I am!