Thursday, May 27, 2010

More than Words

A contract's more than's an agreement, a promise, terms you agree upon and it's a statement of your intentions to do certain things. A contract is hard to change once you've already signed and agreed upon it.

Be warned that you should not let your enthusiasm for being matched with IPs that are great make you look through your contract too quickly and think that "everything's fine" the way it is. Honestly, my contract is pretty much fine...there was just one thing that I should've brought up before signing and now, I fear, that I've caused my IM lots of grief because I tried to change it after we'd already signed, sealed, delivered...

I definitely didn't do this to manipulate or hurt anyone, I just thought it was something that wouldn't be that big of a deal, and it likely won't become one, but if it does arise, I will need to be prepared to abide by the contract. Out of respect for the IPs, I'm not going to elaborate on the situation, because they are being fair and understanding about it all and honestly, it was my fault for not noticing it in the first place, but I just hope I didn't ruin my IM's week by causing waves.

I guess this is a lesson to be learned. I trust that God will take care of it all and that it won't even be an issue. I just hate to cause conflict, even friendly conflict!

So, I'm waiting to hear from the IPs to see if they still want to go forward. There will be no hard feelings if they don't, but I will admit that I'll be a little bummed.

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Heather said...

You did the right thing and I am confident everything will work out WONDERFULLY for you!