Thursday, June 3, 2010


Dr. Chantilis said my uterus was "lovely...just lovely and the way it should be" and that I was "one of the best candidates he's ever seen." Well, pin a rose on my, um, womb? Gimme something cause this babymaker's rocking!! :) The hysteroscopy went well and we got some blood drawn. The flight to Dallas was fine and the flight back wasn't too shabby either, if a little on the long side due to some thunderstorms. We flew around it via the air over San Antonio and made our arrival safe and 1 hour late. Two wrong turns later, I was stuck in Houston traffic for about 15 mins. but the Highway out of Houston wasn't too congested so I made it home in no time and proceeded to wait at CVS for 30 mins in line before finding out my Rx hadn't been called in yet. Poop. I headed home to await our company and then the nurse called and said she had called in my Rx and I could get it tomorrow. (I have to take an antibiotic for the hoo-hoo wand they stuck up inside of me). Dang! I should've asked for pictures! Oh well. It's interesting to see your insides...or "your junk" as my IM likes to call it! haha. (And yes, I'm calling her my IM because we're working on icky, but necessary, contracts!!!!! YAY!! Yes, yes, I've already got a lawyer picked out...No, really this time!) Anyhoo, they put a camera up in your goods and the doc said everything was just loverly. He didn't sing it like Eliza did, but in my head, I hummed the rest of the appointment.

On to the next step. Al has to get bloodwork drawn to make sure he's not part werewolf or something and starting next cycle, I get on the pill and do a mock cycle and then I should start Lupron around the 3rd week of June and egg retreival from the Egg Donor (ED) should be around the 28th of JULY (not June-thanks Heather). This clinic does 5 day embryos so I'll likely transfer around the 3-4th of August!!! What a great month to get knocked up! (It's my birthday month). A Big Fat Positive (BFP) is all I want for my birthday this year!!! (unless you're Al and reading that case, I want a Kindle-is it too much to ask for a pink one?)

Before we can go through that, we've gotta get contracts in place. We all know what significance I place in contracts now, so that will take some time to make sure I'm good and ready to sign before I put pen to paper. Given that I've actually gotten to talk to the IM and ask her lots and lots of question, I expect this part will go a lot more smoothly.

On to my IPs...they've given me the green light to share a little about them. Woohoo! Introducing......E&J, my IM & IF. We're doing a webcam call tomorrow night. Sadly, Al will be watching the 'stros lose. Haha. So, we'll have to do it again another day so he can partake, but the kids and I will be ready to video chat with our new IPs. They are in New Mexico, but IF is from Austin so it's okay, they're part Texan. *grin* They have had a little over a 2 year journey so far and it's their time to shine. The plan is to meet them at transfer and then IF will likely attend as many of the appointments with me as he can as this will be the first child for him. I'm so excited! Everytime I talk to IM, it just re-affirms my decision to proceed on with this couple. I feel really good about it all. (I am still feeling little pangs of guilt at not being able to continue with the first couple, but I need to keep reminding myself that they'll find the right surro and it'll happen for them too...if a cow can have 4 stomachs, how come I can't have four loverly uteri?)

So, I'm one step closer to being a surro. It's really happening y'all! :) My dream's coming true.


Mama K said...

I'm so excited for you!! Live that dream girl!

Heather said...

Just to clarify - aren't you doing your egg retrieval around the 28th of JULY? I think that is what you said - just checking. And I love the part about 4 stomachs vs4 uteri! :)

TXSurromom said...

HAHA...Heather, you are SO RIGHT! Off to change now. :)