Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Together

Well, things with the new IPs are going quite well! We talked all last week and IM, the kids and I did a video chat and it was great to "see" IM on camera. I got contracts last week and went over things with a fine tooth comb. I sent IM some revisions/requests that I would like to have made and she called back and said it was all fine! YAY! We're making progress.

Another thing IM asked was how I felt about a birthing center and natural birth. My first instinct was to say, "not for me," but I admit to a certain curiousity about the whole experience, so I answered with a, "let me think about it." I'm now doing some research, talking to people and awaiting a video regarding a "crunchier" birth experience. I mentioned going natural to Al and he kind of laughed. He knows I don't tolerate pain well...I had epidurals, nice, sweet, epidurals with my 3 kiddos. What makes me think I can do this without them? Other than women being born to give birth...maybe something in me is secretly wondering if I've missed out on something by not going natural? So, I've decided to seriously consider it and look into my options. I did Google birthing centers near me and the first one I came across was this one: Birthing Center

It looks rather snazzy! Definitely a place with a homey touch and a tub to boot! I am going to see what I need to do as far as insurance and if this will be an option for me. I wish it was a little closer, so I'm going to keep looking into it.

In other news, I had my phone interview with the psychologist today. Turns out, I'm crazy enough to do this, but not insane "crazy." Good to know! :) I called IM and let her know that I was going to complete the MMPI by mail (per the psychologist's request). IM said she feels so good about the match and the phone interview that she is asking the psychologist just to skip that part. I'm glad IM trusts me so much already as a lot of surrogacy is based on trust-but I wouldn't blame anyone that would want their surro to complete it. You definitely want to use any tools you can to help determine if the person that is going to carry your child is sane.

We're hoping to get contracts done by the end of the week. After revisions are made, we will let the lawyers review and then we'll just wait for Aunt Flo (AF) who is due to arrive on the 21st. We'll then do our mock cycle and start Birth Control (BC) simultaneously. Lupron will follow shortly after, then the transfer should occur around August 3rd & 4th. It'll depend on when the Egg Donor (ED) is ready for the egg retrieval. We will do 5 day embryos so I'll fly up to Dallas then.

It's a little less than 2 months away, but I cannot believe how quickly it's all falling into place! Here's to a smooth journey.


Mama K said...

yay!!! so exciting for you.

the timeline i have is to transfer at the end of august so we should be pretty close to one another.

MrsKnight said...

My 3rd birth was at home with a midwife. I definately recommend it although in the first minutes afterwards I was like "I'm glad I've done that, but I don't think I'll do it again!" Now that I'm pregnant with surro twins I'm looking for a midwife for another homebirth. :-)

The pain is temporary. And most of us experience more pain than we should because of FEAR. Having a good midwife will help you stay more calm and relaxed. And it's REALLY nice to be able to go directly to your OWN bed to rest instead of a little hospital one with nurses constantly in and out. No IVs, no rules about eating...