Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Got a Feeling

Happy dance, happpy dance
No ants in my pants
Happy dance, happy dance
Watch how I prance

Happy dance, happy dance
Boogie on down
Happy dance, happy dance
All over this town

Happy dance, happy dance
Our contract's finally here
Happy dance, happy dance
Our time is drawing near!

Today's the day!! We got final contracts and I went to print them out and wouldn't you know we ran out of paper!!!! Seriously?!?!? LOL Oh well, I will print them at work, Al's taking off tomorrow because our poor little guy is sick, and we'll get them signed and notarized. (It's handy having notaries all over your office!)

I cannot believe it! (Said in Quincy's "Little Einstein"'s voice-you probably have to be a mom to know it) It's silly to get excited over 37 pages of paper (yes, 37 pages of lawyer speak!) but we've been working for nearly a month on getting this done and it's a great accomplishment. Those of you that hung in there and waited with us...consider this practice for the 2ww! :) I will be a mess by then!

Can it be that we just started this journey a month ago, today? I placed an ad on SMO and E responded. I sent an email back through my phone while on vacation at the beach house from hell! :) It seems as if we've known each other for longer than that. I feel incredibly blessed to have this bond with E&J already (although moreso with E since we girls are such talkers!) Not everyone gets that during their surrogacy journey (and not everyone wants that) but it was really important to me that we be close. I respect any IPs that need their privacy afterwards (although I'm secretly thrilled that E&J want me to be sort of aunt-like figure!) but it warms my heart to know that I'll get to see their baby hit his/her milestones! What a special privelege!

Tomorrow, I will call the nurse coordinator (NC) and finalize the remainder of our schedule for the mock cycle and the actual cycle/transfer. (or, at least finalize as much as you can with this sort of thing!) My birthday's 2 months from today. To think that I could be drawing the "big beta" number that day...wow. Did I mention I'm excited? I think that's how E and I began and ended every conversation for the past 3 weeks. "I'm so excited!!!" I began thinking of synonyms for excited: thrilled, stoked, can't wait, enthusiastic, filled with anticipation...nothing says it better than excited though. :) It's as if it's Christmas and the tree's up, the presents are wrapped and my hands itch to tear the shimmering paper. It's all I can do to not stop everyone I meet and say, "Hey! Did you know I'll be getting pregnant in August!! You see, they place two tiny little embryos in my loverly uterus...hey wait, where are you going???"

So, we wait for August. Until then...enjoy this song.


Mama K said...

haha! that post made me laugh. you can tell you are SUPER excited!!!

and i love that song! it gets me all pumped up. and my daughter likes it too but the chimpmunks version :)

Heather said...

The lady in orange at the top cracks me up!! I ran out of ink when I was printing my contracts out - so frustrating!! At that point you just have to laugh!

Congrats to you for getting through all the legal!