Monday, August 2, 2010

Moving On

Well, we're moving on to a September transfer. It will likely be a couple of weeks before the ED can start her stimulation meds and both IPs and I have too much going on at the end of August to do a transfer, so we're going to wait until around the second week of September, assuming the ED is ready by then. Everything's sort of up in the air at this point. To add more to ponder into the mix, the EDD is around graduation time. IM's son is a senior this year so this is a pivotal point in his life and we're trying to work out how to make the EDD interfere with that as little as possible. Tricky, tricky! :)

For now, I'll stay on Lupron and Estrace, at the lower dosages, and wait to hear from the RE's office as to when our new transfer will be. My grandparents' 55th anniversary is September 11th. I missed their 50th because DH had a torn ACL, we had a 10 mth old and I felt badly leaving him behind and he was still in too much pain from surgery to drag him out with us. So, I'm really hoping transfer happens in enough time that we can attend that. It'll probably work out fine. :)

On a slightly happier note, I will now be able to have my "Totally 80s Karaoke Party" for my birthday on the weekend of the 29th. :) I'm turning 28 and throwing myself a party. LAME! I know, but I'm still doing it. Also, I get that I was like, 5 in the 80s, but I'm still doing it. Did I mention that I'm stubborn? I know this baby won't have any genetic link to me, but I'm willing to bet he/she will absorb some of my obstinance!


Heidi said...

I'm lovin' that pic! You really come up with some good ones...Hope your 80's birthday turns out totally rad! =)

MamaK said...!!!!!!

have fun at your par-tay!