Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just a Spoonful of Sugar (Helps the Medicine Go Down)

I got meds today!!!!! Yup, they shipped me a little box of Lupron and Progesterone!! This feels SO REAL now!!!! I start Lupron tomorrow (and not Friday like I thought!). I also started Provera yesterday for my mock cycle. I can't take the oral tablets for the real cycle, but this will show us how my body will handle the drugs.

Aren't they B-E-A-UTIFUL folks!?!? (The Lupron is in the fridge. I took a picture of it, but it didn't show up for some reason, and I was too lazy to go pull it out again)
Now, those of you that know me know I hate needles. Hate, hate, hate them and I get rather queasy at the thought of them. I don't know that a spoonful of vodka would help them go down (For the's not allowed after transfer!!) There are literally hundreds of shots to be taken with each cycle. Some of them are small like the Lupron shot and some are larger like the Progesterone in Olive Oil shots. I'm a little sweaty even posting those pictures. Why would I subject myself to repeated stabbings in the hips you ask? For E&J and their baby. Sure, I'm gonna bruise...and I'm going to get knots. I knew all of this going in. There will probably be days that I cringe and it might take me an hour to get that needle in, but I will do it because it is one of the most important parts of this process. These drugs "trick" the body into thinking it is pregnant and allows the embryo(s) to grow big and strong and "stick." It's a carefully calculated process and must be followed to the letter. So, I will overcome my dislike of needles for my new friends and their dream. I feel that at the end of this, I will be satisfied if I never see another needle again, but maybe I will no longer have sweaty palms at the thought of a syringe? (Ironic as this is, I had epidurals with all 3 of my children and didn't hesitate to let them stick this in my spine!!! OMG, I almost threw up searching for those pictures!! haha)
The reason I share my scare of needles with you is to make you aware of what this process is. It isn't "easy money" and it isn't a quick trip to the doc to get knocked up and then laying around eating ice cream for 9 months. My IPs have so much invested in this, in me. I refuse to let them down and so, speed bump that it is, it is a small and surmountable one. I also share this to let those of you who are wanting to be a surrogate know about as many aspects of surrogacy (or my journey, at least) as I can share. Fear and apprehension are some of the things that go along with it...just like most things in life that are worth pursuing!


Heidi said...

I feel your pain! I told my hubby the shots were almost ( idid say almost) worse than the delivery to me.

Heather said...

When you get to having a bruise butt, ask me for a picture. I won't need it and would love to share it with you!!

The shots are hard to start, but you are right, they are needed and very much a part of the process. Ok, I know you can go shot free, but NO THANK YOU! ....anyway, it is all worth it and I bet by the end it will be NO problem for you!

Have fun getting LOOPY!

MrsKnight said...

I found that it was easier, psychologically, to slowly press the lupron needle through my skin rather than trying to do the quick jab as the nurse instructed me to do. You might try it. Just be sure to let the alcohol dry before you do the injection. Otherwise it stings.

Susy Pennington said...

I was terrified of the needles too...when I got my "package" in the mail, I thought why did I sign up to do this? And then the Lupron came and went, that was easy. Then it was time for the progesterone, and that was easy too. Now I look back and think, what was I so scared about?
I wish you good luck on shots!!!

TXSurromom said...

I did it!!!! First shot of Lupron, DONE! :) And you were right, it WAS easier to slowly press it in and didn't hurt one bit. :)

Thanks for all of the support ladies!!!!

Loo said...

My dear sweet Mela....I thought I had bookmarked the link to your blog but I couldn't find it. I'm so glad you posted it again!

I can't believe how unslefish you are. I mean, I knew that you had a beautiful heart and endless love for everyone you met - but I am truly astounded by the journey you are taking. I can't think of a single other person that would be a better surrogate than you!

A different post said you were thinking of going natural. Now - I WANTED epis with both kids, but alas....time was not on my side and I went natural. In retrospect, I think that had I gone into it knowing it would be a natural birth - I think I would have been better prepared. I'm n ot gonna lie, the contractions were the most painful thing I could ever imagine. But actually pushing and delivering Jack was AMAZING.

Love you so so so so much!!