Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 3 of Bed Rest

So, bed rest is going well. I can't complain, mostly because it's only for a few more days so I know I have an end in sight. I do feel for surros that are on bed rest for weeks, or even months, at a time. I also feel for those that don't have support of family or friends. Even these past few days, I've had an outpouring of food, thoughts and gifts from friends, family, and coworkers. It's really touching to know so many people are there for us and care about my family and me.

Here are some things I've learned while on bed rest:

1. Forks go on the left and spoons and knives go on the right. The way to remember this is "fork" and "left" are 4-letter words and "spoon," "knife," and "right" all have 5 letters. Thank you, "Most Eligible Dallas"

2. My husband is indeed capable of caring for 3 children, the house, his wife and attending work. He is a great nurse.

3. My almost 7 yr old will sleep by my side to take care of me at night and wake me up with, "Well good morning, Cheesepuff!! Did you sleep well??"

4. My almost 5 year old will begrudgingly get me some water or put up my bowl for me.

5. My 20 mth old loves that I cannot run after her and is taking full advantage of that freedom.

6. "How I Met Your Mother" and "The Big Bang Theory" complete me.


Juli said...

I knew which side the fork and knife and spoon go on. It always makes me feel proper. :) You can also start thinking up a catchy name for our weight loss blog, so then people will read it, we'll get free stuff and we can quit our jobs and make millions off of blogging.

Surrogate, Single Parent and Dating... said...

Love it and yes, I learned that from Dallas Most Eligible as well, well I think I knew it, but not the "theory" behind it...LMAO - you are doing great!! Hang in there.

Jennifer said...

The part about your daughter waking you up and calling you "Cheesepuff" made me laugh out loud :) My kids always feel the need to come in a chat my ear off (and squash me) when I am on bedrest. Even when I am trying to read or watch a movie....I think its soothing for them to know that I'm OK. Hang in there....only 2 more days little miss priss :)