Friday, August 12, 2011

Sweet Caroline

Just call me Caroline because I'm a little too sweet for my own good. My glucose test came back with borderline numbers so I've got to take it easy on the carbs, the sugars and up the protein. I also need to start exercising. This would not be such sucky news except that I've been on exercise restriction this whole pregnancy and now, I'm 6 months pregnant and it's super hot in August and I cancelled my gym membership that I wasn't going to be able to use in the forseeable future. Alas, I will not be discouraged. I've got some pregnancy yoga videos and I can walk on the treadmill at home. My family will just have to leave me alone for an hour or so...hey, that might not be so bad! I am also anemic so I'll be adding Iron, twice a day, to my regimen of prenatals and Calcium (my mom has Osteoporosis so I have to take precautions since sweet little babies suck out all your nutrients!) That might be why I've been tired lately. I just chalked it up to working FT, running after 3 little ones and being pregnant in the summer. Who knew there was an excuse to my laziness! :)

Anyway, if you're a long-time lurker, first time commenter, get to it. How sweet it is to be loved by you. (I just had to throw that in!)


Anonymous said...

I am not a long time lurker as this is my first visit, but obviously I am a first time commentor! Just read through most of your posts. Really inspirational! Just had my first cycle as a surro but it got cancelled as the egg donor didn't respond well to the meds. Cycling again once we both get AF. Nice to "see" someone on the other side! Hope to join you soon.

Chantelle said...

Im not a long time lurker, but am also a first time commenter. I just signed with an agency in June and am still going through the screening process (I am nursing my son until 1 year old, which is Oct 29, so there is no rush). I love finding all these surro blogs and enjoy your posts! Good luck with no carbs - I would die!! :)

The Cancinos said...

Good luck to both of you on your journeys!!! Feel free to email me if you have any questions or just want to chat. :) I love meeting other surros!!

Chantelle-I said taking it easy on carbs. ;) Carb-free would be pure torture!! But, so would birthing a 15 lb. baby, so cut back, I shall! :)