Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sugar, Oh Honey, Honey

Hey everyone, it's me again! Back so soon? It's just that kind of a week. I haven't gotten results back from my glucose test but usually, no news is good news. I did have an OB check-up on Tuesday and everything's going well. I'm measuring right at 29 weeks like I should be so that's great. We did, finally, go over the results of the ultrasound I had back in June after the wreck. At that ultrasound, my placenta was low-lying. I've talked to a bunch of women that have had this and it almost always corrects itself as the uterus grows and the placenta moves away from the cervix. (Feel like you're in Biology class again?) If it doesn't, then we'll need to do a c-section as the placenta can cause a lot of bleeding if it's torn. No bueno. So, we are doing another ultrasound to check its position and be sure it's moved. The bonus is, E and maybe J, will get to come in for that ultrasound!! YAY! They have not been able to be at any of them and that bummed me out a little. I videoed some of them and put them on speaker with the others, but it's not the same as being live! I'm thrilled that they'll get this opportunity and optimistic about the placenta issue so no worries there.

So, that's my update for the week! I'll post a belly shot as soon as I get some make-up on and my hair tamed. This heat has been brutal and I feel like I'm always sweating. Ick!


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Aww! Yay that you will get to share an u/s together - that is such a special experience!! :)