Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh what a beautiful morning...

On Wednesday, we will be 29 weeks pregnant. The time really has flown by and I almost don't notice it until I realize it's time for another belly shot. My family and I are going to visit my IPs this weekend. I'm so excited about this trip because they will get to feel Baby L move!!! I sent IM a video of my stomach, but it's kind of hard to see, so I can't wait for her and IF to be able to see their daughter's movements and to be able to feel her dance around in her little home away from home.

I'm also excited to see how baby L responds to their voices. We've been doing the Belly Buds for a few weeks now and I love to tell E&J how their baby responds. I think E's voice is soothing to her and she tends to kick and move in a more fluid motion when listening to the books her mom's recorded for her. When J's recording comes on, she gets a little livelier and her jabs are a little more excited. Maybe she already knows it's "fun daddy" time?? Either way, I hope to help reinforce that bond between her parents and her with the sounds of their voices. I have to remind my husband and children that it's "quiet time" when I'm playing the recordings to her so she can just focus on E&J's voices. Secretly, I like this time too b/c it allows me to read or just rest for about an hour without interruption! I ALMOST miss the PIO injections b/c I got an hour to myself on the heating pad after injecting...never thought I would say that.

So, we'll hit the road on Saturday morning and spend the day with my IPs. Sunday, we'll head back sometime around noon. My old co-worker's wife just had a baby so I want to snuggle up on him before we head home. He was 9 lbs., 13 oz. Ouch. The "biggest" baby I've ever had was 7lbs., 15 oz. and although she was my easiest delivery (they all were pretty easy), I can't imagine pushing another 2 lbs. out of there. So, baby L, if you're taking notes, grow nice and big and strong, but I wouldn't mind if you were kind of petite like your mama. ;)

Tomorrow, I have my 3 hour glucose tolerance test. I had some slightly elevated levels with my first daughter and had gestational diabetes. I learned a lot from that pregnancy and haven't had any issues with GD since then, but darn if I don't always fail the 1 hour test. So, I asked my OB if I could just skip right to the 3 hr test and she said that made sense. For those that are unfamiliar, this is a routine test where you drink something like flat orange soda or coke. You chug it within 10 mins., try not to throw it up and then you wait as your body freaks out about the amount of sugar you just scarfed down on an empty belly. Oh yes, you have to fast my dears. They draw your blood at the beginning and then three more times on the hour. I'm loading up on water today b/c it sucks if you're slightly dehyrated and they have to go hunting for veins. I usually pass the time reading a book or something. At the end of the test, I head over and scarf as much protein as I can and go on about my merry way. My IM might be joining me for this appointment if she can get away. She's been busy with the new house and getting some classes out of the way that she needs to take. (I don't think there will be as much time for that after the baby. I think she knows this all too well!) So, I've also made plans to eat lunch with a friend in case IM can't make it.

That's really all that's going on here. It's hot. Like, super hot and humid and I sweat just getting into the car hot. I've gained 20 lbs. and I wasn't Olive Oil to begin with so I feel like I'm in a fat suit, in summer. So, if you see me walking around and I'm huffing and puffing, don't pay me much mind, I'm just gestating a human. :)


Heidi said...

I hear ya' on that dreaded glucose test...on the huffing and puffing too! Didn't see a belly pic, but it sounds like you're doing great.

RebekahRose said...

Love it! :D Great update and have a WONDERFUL visit!! I hope the GTT goes perfectly for you - such a nasty thing they put us all through! :)