Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We Are the Champions

Now is not a time for losers. It's not a time to be timid, it's a time to jab myself in the hip with an inch and a half-long needle! :) One tiny little thing was standing in my way-I'M TERRIFIED OF NEEDLES!!
And guess what??? I DID IT!!!

Remember how I was going to have my husband do it? Well, he was a willing volunteer but I really have been wanting to get this needle phobia out of the way for some time now. I think talking about it, blogging, watching videos, and visiting with the local surro, J, helped me to decide, "I'm gonna do it." I went to my friend, A's house, and she walked me through it.
She helped me get all organized and lay everything out. I am an idiot and I brought the wrong sized syringe so I ended up having to poke myself twice.

As Amber was pumping me up and talking me through it, she turned to her fridge and was saying, "Just do it and go for it and no hesitation." and by the time she turned around, I had done it! "I didn't even feel it!!" I said. She pushed the PIO in for me so I could feel the sensation of it going in and all was well. "Okay, now you do the next one by yourself so you can feel the resistance" A said. I did the second one and she helped me finish off the PIO, but I feel so much better about all of this now! I read so many blogs about the shots because that was really the only hesitation I had about doing surrogacy. Could I really do this? I knew I would do what I needed to get it done, but the feeling of accomplishment I feel right now is pretty darn great! :)

So, I sit here with my massaging heating pad that I got from Amazon and am enjoying my 45 mins. of guilt-free chair time. :)

Mad props to my girl, A. I love ya and thanks for getting me through this!!! I can't wait to show Al how to do it! I think he's going to actually think it's fun!! :) Now, I just have to be nice to him for the next 3 months! haha


Amber P said...

HOLLA!!! You did it!!!!!

Jennifer said...

You go girl! I'm so proud of you! Also, you are welcome to say my first name in your blog!

Andrea said...

You are so cute--I love all of the pictures!!

MrsKnight said...

Good job! I decided it was easier to do the shot while lying down on my side, top leg bent slightly. You might try it.

Don't be alarmed if occasionally you get a long trickle of blood. It happens. You always want to have a tissue handy.


StacyKristyEthanFitzgerald said...

You are a brave sistah! I'm so proud of you. Can't wait to read the coming posts . :)

Heather said...

Woot-Woot!!! You rock!!