Saturday, October 15, 2011

A little R&R

Today is my first full day of bed rest. Yesterday, I had planned on going to the movies with my friend, Amber. Instead, around 3, I began to feel dizzy, my arms were tingly and the headache that I thought had gone away came back. I'd also been having some bad pain on my right side under my ribs. I figured it was just the way the baby was positioned, as I had experienced that rib pain before with my own kids. This was way more intense though, so who knows. I called the OB office and spoke to the nurse who then consulted with the doc on call as my OB is finishing up a convention in Hawaii. :) The on call doc had me come in so my sweet friend dropped off her boys and drove me to the hospital.

Two hours later, I got sent home on bed rest (after getting permission to stop and pick up some yummy Freebirds). My blood pressure readings were elevated and trace proteins picked up in my urine (look, now we know each other better!) but my blood work was good so I am being allowed to bed rest at home.
I was introduced to this lovely thing called a urine collection container and have to save all my pee for 24 hrs...and I have to refrigerate it. I've never been so glad to have more than one fridge!!
So, Monday, I will check with my doc to see if we need to move up our Tuesday appointment or not. Stay tuned!


Heidi said...

Aaahh man, I feel your pain! I thought the same thing about the positioning of the babies, turned I was wrong too! You're so lucky they let you go home. Good job listening to your intuition. Take it easy and get some rest.

Jeff and Kevin said...

Sending good thoughts! And HURRAY for two refrigerators!!!

aggieam01 said...

I still think they should have kept you. If you would have kicked your feet more, that crazy nurse would have had no choice. Just a few more days though!!!!

Surrogate, Single Parent and Dating... said...

You are getting so close!!! Hang in there and good luck!