Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to my best friend, J. She's 30 today and we started her birthday celebration last Saturday and it'll run through the 7th of Oct. That's just how we do it.

We are at 36 weeks today and the baby weighs about 6 lbs. Next week, we'll be full term!! Of course, that doesn't really mean anything in terms of arrival but it does mean she'd be nice and healthy. :)

As our journey draws to a close, I begin to ponder some things. How long before I fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes? Who will I blame the baby weight on when there's no baby around to show for it? Okay, I never said they were important things. :) But seriously folks, I do wonder what it'll all be like. I've had dreams (both daydreams and night dreams) of what I think it'll be like. I've imagined my IPs' faces and the amount of emotion that would be in the room. I've played it all out but I find that reality contains so much more than the imagination allows and I think it's going to be 10 times whatever I've imagined it'll be.

I'm fortunate to have IPs that want me to be in the picture even after the journey. To be honest, I think that it's their right to decide whether there is contact after or not. I do think both parties should try and stick to whatever they mutually agreed upon when matching, but too often, the surrogate falls into a black hole and the IPs are never heard from again. This is heartbreaking for the surrogate as it's often unexpected. My IPs have expressed a desire for me to be Aunt Carmela. I like that. I think it's pretty neat that they'll keep the door to their world open for me. It's not because I want some ownership or entitlement to the baby. Just like I want no ownership or entitlement to my other friends' children (remember, I have 3 of my own) but I will wonder what she'll grow to be like. I think that curiosity is natural. So, again, I count my blessings to be able to stay apart of this family in some form.

Okay baby L, mom and dad are busy packing and mom's just waiting on the call from me to tell her you're on your way!! :)


Babydreams2011 said...

YAY, you are in the home stretch! Can't wait for your birth story!

Courtney said...

OMG Mela! I can't believe it's almost time!!! Your are very blessed to get to stay in contact with your IPs and surrobabe... cherish it. I fell down the black hole with my last surrobabe... sort of. Anyway, congrats! Don't forget about your Contact Buddy! ;)

Jeff and Kevin said...

Hurray for almost full term :) I think that your IP's are very lucky you want to be a special Auntie. That kiddo will benefit from knowing how special you are!

TXSurromom said...

Thanks, y'all!! :D It's almost surreal. I can't believe we're here! And thanks K! I feel fortunate that they picked me. :)

Susan said...

My most recent surrobub will be 10 months old tomorrow and I am just now fitting into my skinny jeans. It stinks when there's no baby around so that people know you are postpartum and not just pudgy.

You have done a wonderful job. Not much longer now.

Jennifer said...

I love the fact that Allison & I were able to form such a close bond during our journey together. And the fact that Emma knows my family (my kiddos), and not just me, is such a special thing :) I know how truly blessed we are to have such a wonderful friendship, and I LOVE getting to snuggle on the Little Squirt from time to time - then hand her back to her mommy :) Altho, at 17 months, there isn't much its just watching her with her mommy & giggling :) :) :)

D-day will be here before you know it!!! Cherish every last second with that baby before you pass her along to her mommy & daddy :) You've done a great job Mela!!!

Nini said...

Just found your blog through Tonya's. Just wanted to tell you that I admire your courage and gracious heart. You're an angel. Its wonderful that you could help a couple build their family this way.

TXSurromom said...

Susan-congrats on your surrobub and getting back to pre-baby weight! :) I have a cruise planned for April so I will be hitting the gym for sure! :D

Jenn-I'm so grateful for IPs that are so generous to my family and me. You always hope for a good journey, but lasting frienships are just the cherries on top! :D

Nini-thank you for your kind words. :) I feel fortunate to be able to help and would do it a 100 times if I could!!!